Work-Life Sneak peak 👨‍💻


It depends on a lot of things.

Are you in a big city or a small town?

Are you in an architecture firm or the biggest tech company? 

Do you have friends in a new city or not?

I believe one thing which makes work-life beautiful is the culture of the company and the team you are working with. Work-life can become monotonous and fun at the same time.

In college, you have the absolute freedom to do anything and everything. You know that you have to accomplish a specific task. It’s just that you don’t have time constraints. Anybody who has already worked in companies around India would feel great jumping into an American workplace because people respect your time. You will not have to work six days a week. You will not work crazy long hours (there are always exceptions), and for all the construction majors out there, it’s not going to be harsh working conditions.

Usually, the standard pay in the US industry is either weekly or bi-weekly. It’s nice to have money coming in every two weeks instead of every month, and you spending it too fast.

The office styles can be different depending on which industry you are entering. Of course, many startups will have open offices, less structure and more people of your age.

If you join a big company like Facebook/ apple, you would still find the same open spaces and more structure and HR rules.

I work in a fast-growing construction company. We are growing exponentially even during COVID, which makes it an exciting place to be at.