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October 9 – 10, 2021.

Who we are

Gradicle is a student driven community with over a decade of experience in the study space. Over the years, we have helped nurture and navigate the interests of applicants through their study abroad journey.  With over 150,000 aspirants and 5 million views monthly, we are the most trust worthy source of information for young aspirants pursuing their Masters dream.

Why you should attend

The Gradicle study tour this year is the fourth edition of the annual meetups which will be conducted virtually due to COVID – 19. It is designed to help students prepare for their applications, learn from alumni and connect with prestigious universities. The tour aims to bring together the most trusted community of ambitious students across the world.

Flow of events

The why of a masters
Crafting your application
Resources you need
Your time at school
Your next move

Agenda and Panelists

Day 1 | October 9th

The why of a masters

7:00 PM IST
Parth Vijayvergiya

Steps to Success

08:00 pm IST
Pritish Nair

Understanding American Culture

08:15 pm IST
Rob Adams

Study Tour Q & A

  8:45 PM IST | Pritish Nair & Parth Vijayvergiya 

Kratika Vijayvergiya

Vaishnavi Deshmukh

Sharik -U-Zama

Shaurya Seth

09:00 pm IST | Round Table – Fall 21 Students 

The Master’s Application Process

10:00 pm IST
Parth Vijayvergiya

Day 2 | October 10th

Living the American Dream

7:00 pm IST
Harnoor Singh

Mayank Sharma (Prodigy Finance)

Riane Corter (Prodigy Finance)

Josna Chandramohan

08:00 pm IST | Funding your Masters

Aniruddha Tiwari

Rajvardhan Oak

Arghya Mukherjee

Sachchidanand Deo

09:00 pm IST | Round Table with Alumni

Visa and Immigration

10:00 PM IST
Robert Webber