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Purchase Guide for International Students

Alright, we see you have moved 1000 miles across the world and wrapped up all your belongings! You have to start afresh. Completely afresh, you might have friends or family or you might not. You might have a budget of $100 (~7500 INR) to set up your room or you might have a budget of $200. Or you might not have made up your mind yet on how much you want to spend. Let’s go through a few items one by one. We will go through the bedroom and kitchen. And I will break down my choices when you are on budget or not. Again if you are finding something cheaper on facebook marketplace go for it. I bought my chair from there and also a bunch of other things.

Just so you are not confused on what to buy and how to buy and if you are getting the best deal of all, I have put together this list of items which you can buy and be stress free when it comes to setup cost.

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