Gradicle and novacredit


Gradicle & NovaCredit wants to understand how many students are knowledgable when it comes to credit in the US. Gradicle has partnered up so as to teach and protect students from running into problems with credit once they are in the US.

Nova Credit lets you use your Indian credit history to apply for great U.S. credit cards right when you arrive. By the help of Nova Credit. you can get a premium credit card from day one, which will give you great rewards like cash back and airline miles. Think of it like this: as you spend on everything from groceries to school supplies to transportation in your time as a student, you’ll earn credit card points using these cards, which you can use on future purchases like flights home and beyond — it’s free money and a no-brainer for any student moving to the U.S.! Plus managing a credit card is the easiest way to start building a U.S. credit history.

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