Construction Management 101

Construction Management 101

Who is this course for?

Anyone who is planning to get their masters in Construction Management. If you have a bachelors degree in construction management, civil engineer or you are an architect this course is the perfect fit for you. βœ…

What they won't teach you in College!

About your mentors

πŸŽ“ Parth Vijayvergiya has earned a Masters degree in Construction Management from Purdue University, one of the top Construction Management programs in the US.

πŸ‘· He has worked for a general contractor finishing 8 construction projects within 2 years as a Project Engineer, Superintendent and also an estimator to some scale.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ For the last 4 years, he has helped 1000’s of students with admissions to top US universities, including Columbia, UT Austin, Purdue to name a few

🀯 He has put together this course with the help of some of the most brilliant minds in the construction industry who have worked with owners rep, subcontractors, general contractors and even architects.

πŸŽ“ Manjeeth Kolli has also earned a Masters degree in Construction Management from Purdue University and a Bachelor’s from BITS Pilani.

πŸ‘· He has worked with AECOM, one of the top construction companies in the world for over 3 years completing multiple projects in the New York city area.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ Since 2017, Manjeeth’s guides for US admissions, VISA process and internships & job search has been extensively used by 1000s of students who aspire to join a US university.

This course includes

Seven live Zoom Sessions

10+ video interview from industry professionals πŸ‘·

Worksheets, documents & notes for your job search πŸ’Ό

βœ… 7 Live Classes – 90 minutes each.

βœ… 10+ recorded sessions from industry professionals.

βœ… Planning and tracking worksheets for your job search.Β 

βœ… Access to exclusive CM community.

βœ… Lifetime access to the lectures.

See What Batch#1 Had To Say


Hemak Panghal

' This course helped me to understand the basics of the US construction sector and gave an insight on the plethora of softwares that the US industry uses. '

CMT, Purdue University


Vaishnavi Deshmukh

' The construction industry was unknown to me, the way this course was scheduled made me understand how the industry works in the US and now its certainly helping me in my lectures especially EPC. '

CEM, Texas A&M


Vaibhav Andhere

' I was not aware about the US construction industry and it's standards, internship hunting and networking but after attending this course it became easy to understand. '

MSCM, Texas A&M

Ameya Kale

' Lectures from experienced individuals helped a lot. Parth being in the construction industry for many years now shed light on various topics in construction and project management. '

CEM Virginia Tech

Course outline

  • Intro to construction management.Β 
  • What you learn in college VS what you need at your new company?
  • How and why is CM different in the US and India?
  • Different roles in CM for international students.
  • How much do CM students make in the US? Actuals numbers and type of career path you could choose.
  • Live discussion on expectations of the course.
  • The future of construction and what it looks like.
  • The most important factors in construction.
  • Types of companies in the US which hire construction management students.
  • Types of projects US companies do and what it entails for a beginners role.Β 
  • Where students can make the most money vs where students can learn the most?
  • Stakeholder in a construction project.Β 
  • Project delivery type and what risk entails with that particular project type.Β 
  • Project controls live lecture by Manjeeth Kolli (ex-AECOM).Β 
    • Discussion about financial management, estimates, data analysis in construction.
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Cost Control and Management
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Case Studies and Assignments involving Project Controls (Cost, Schedule, Risk)
  • KPI Reports and Dashboards
  • Using Data Analytics in Construction Industry for Project Progress and Performance Assessment
  • What does a day in construction company looks like?
  • Breakdown of construction drawings and how to read them.
  • Understanding construction lingo and terms.
  • Different types of licenses and which ones you need for your jobs.
    • PE
    • LEED
    • CMAA
    • FE
    • OSHA 10,30,60
  • Scheduling software
    • MSP vs P6
  • Brief breakdown of Softwares like CMIC and Procore.
  • What are submittals & RFI?
  • How are they crucial to a project engineer’s job?
  • Creating submittal & RFI logs.
  • Finding alternatives and learning how you could be a better project engineer?
  • Real life examples on how to ensure quality control on a project?
  • Tips & tricks to manage your day more efficiently.
  • How to structure your job search?
  • List of all the companies which hire international students.
  • Insider tips on cold calling, linkedin search and cold emailing.
  • Make the most out of the career fair.
  • Resume breakdown and discussion on how to improve it.Β 
  • How to ask for referrals?

Batch#3 registrations open.

Course Price: $250 $135

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Batch#3 Starts June 4th.