Benefits of Credit Cards

Chances are, you might have read our credit system blog. Here is a similar blog about credit cards and their more specific benefits. You need a credit card to build a credit history. As simple as that. Eventually, with the credit history, you will be qualified for better interest rates in housing, car financing, etc. […]

Credit Score/Card: Why it’s important?

Most of you reading this blog will either be international students still at the university or have already started to work. But one common thing, either way, is that if you’re going to live in the U.S., we all need credit cards to make sure you get credit. We’ve had negative connotations about having a […]

US vs the World

This is how the US is different from other countries. You will come to realize some significant discrepancies once you visit the United States. It will take you a while to get accustomed to a lot of things here, but there are certain things that you may never get used to. Huge portion size You […]

Forex Cards

In the blog, we will compare multiple forex cards. These cards have been tried and tested at hotels, grocery stores, bars, college book store, gas stations etc. THEY WORK! and they work really well. I have used Axis bank, SBI and HDFC Dollar card so far. All of them works fine. Reason? Well, they are […]

Document List

Here is the list of documents you can take to the US. 🗣️ You can download this checklist from here.

Choosing Flights Abroad

The aviation industry has now entered a golden era, with skyrocketing air passengers every single year. The need for secure and home-like travelling has peaked at an unprecedented high, with convenient travel journeys as the ultimate goal.Millions of students have chosen to further their education in institutions outside their home country. Data from the UNESCO […]

Packing for the US

In this blog, you will find a list of compilations to help you understand what you can bring to the US and leave back home. Certain items may feel expensive to give you a little heads up, but once you are here for six months or so, you will realize that they are not. After […]


Who are these people we are talking about? To understand everything and the context of the timeline of a personal visa, we have to understand a few terms. First of all, let’s understand the different types of students. Undergrad students Graduate students Ph.D. Students People who come directly to the US through outsourcing companies. Dependent […]

Rejected Visa Interview

Rejected Visa Interview Last fall, I asked a good friend of mine to copy visa interviews from groups. Let me just put it all here. These are only approved once! If you want to see the approval once, you can see it here. #001 Me: Good Morning (with a big smile) VO: no response VO: Pass me your […]

Accepted Visa Interview

In Fall 2018 , a good friend of ours copied visa interviews from groups. Let me just put it all here. These are only approved ones! If you want to see the rejected ones, you can see it here. #001 Visa experience Date – 31.05.2018 Visa consulate – Hyderabad Slot – 10:00 am Entered the consulate […]