Accepted Visa Interview


In Fall 2018 , a good friend of ours copied visa interviews from groups. Let me just put it all here.

These are only approved ones! If you want to see the rejected ones, you can see it here.


Visa experience

Date – 31.05.2018

Visa consulate – Hyderabad

Slot – 10:00 am

Entered the consulate around 9.05 am and was done by 10.30 am. It was a busy day, and I could see people coming out with 214b slips.

VO was a young lady in her late 20s.

I was the first person standing in the queue for that counter

Vo: come forward

Me: Goodmorning ma’am (No Response)

Vo: pass me your passport and I20

Me: ya sure

Vo: which school are you going to?

Me: University of Utah

Vo: How many schools did you apply to?

Me: 7

Vo: Can you name them?

Me: George Mason University, the University of Cincinnati (Stopped me)

Vo: Undergraduate Percentage?

Me: 88%

Vo: okay. How are you planning to pay the tuition fee?

Me: I have an Education loan sanctioned of (again stopped me)

Vo: What is the Collateral?

Me: Told

Vo: How much is the Collateral amount?

Me: Told

Vo: Okay, I am approving your visa

Me: thank you, you made my day


Visa experience


Counter no 30

MS Industrial Engineering, SUNY Buffalo

11 am slot

Me: Hi Maam, how are you?

Vo: pass your i20. Why SUNY Buffalo?

Me: I liked its course structure and research opportunities.

VO: what are your interests?

Me: I would like to delve into the manufacturing domain and have hands-on experience on industry projects.

VO: how are you funding your education?

Me: my dad is funding my MS.

VO: what are your plans?

Me: I’d like to utilise my OPT period, and after that, I’d like to work for the Indian govt.

VO: ( laughing heartily) why do you want to work in the Indian govt?

Me: ( laughing with her) Maam because my dad works for the Central government and I like what I’ve heard about his job from him. I want to work in the petroleum or manufacturing sector.

VO: wow. I’m approving Daddy’s little girl’s visa. Keep smiling.

Me: thank you so much, ma’am, have a great day!


Consulate – Chennai

Date – 4 June

Slot – 11:45

Counter No. – 28

VO was a lady. Might be in her late 20’s or early 30’s. Approved a tourist visa before me. The person was a student going for competition and her teammates who were having their interviews at other counters. I was happy that they were from the same university where I graduated.

Me: Good Afternoon, ma’am. (Passed passport even before she asked)

VO: Good Afternoon. Pass me your i20 as well.

VO: It seems you already have a visa?

Me: yes, ma’am. B1/B2 visa.

VO: Is it still active?Me: Yes, till 2026.

VO: Why did you choose SUNY Buffalo?

Me: I have already been to the US for a competition at Rochester Institute of Technology in 2016. The interactions I had with some of the professor’s influenced me to consider this university my priority. (Had an unexpected pause for 2 seconds hoping the response was satisfactory. The VO gave a look that she was hoping more). Also, I liked the curriculum. It offers five major areas of research which includes Productions System, which is my area of interest. And also offers specialised courses such as the Six Sigma Program and Advanced Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing.

VO: How many did you apply for?

Me: I have applied to 4 State Universities of New York at Buffalo, where I’m heading to, the University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Arizona State University at Tempe.VO: What is your GRE score? (Couldn’t understand what she was asking for almost 3-4 times.VO was so friendly that she smiled and asked again, pronouncing each letter clearly )Me: Sorry, ma’am. My GRE score is 299. One hundred fifty-six in quants and 143 in verbal.

VO: What’s your GPA?

Me: It’s 8.44 on a scale of 10.

VO: Who is sponsoring you?

Me: My father is sponsoring me. I also have a sanctioned loan of XX lakhs.

VO: What does your father do?

Me: He’s a bank employee. ( But I didn’t tell that he’s also retired from Air Force after working for 20 years.)

VO: What is your father’s annual income.

Me: It’s XX Lakhs per annum.

VO: What are your plans?

Me: I will be coming back to India and work in automobile companies such Ashok Leyland, Ford motors, As I have done my internship in Ashok Leyland as a summer intern.

VO: Okay. I’m approving your visa (with a smile).


Consulate – Mumbai

Counter Number – 29

Date – 4 June

The interview starts with a greeting

Vo: pass me your i20, service and passport

Me: passed

Vo: which university are you going to?

Me: I am going to California State University Fullerton

Vo: Masters program or undergrad?

Me: masters in computer science specialisation in machine intelligence

Vo: which other universities did you apply to?

Me: SJSU, University of buffalo, CSUF

Vo: why CSUF?

Me: explained curriculum and other factors.

Vo: what research you intend to do in CSUF

Me: I intend to work with prof Christopher Ryu on project efficient data-centric storage for sensor network

Vo: how do you plan to fund?

Me: I have family funds of XX lakhs and sanctioned bank loan of XX lakhs.

Vo: okay, after that, she stared at her screen for 5-6 minutes and askIn one of the previous company you worked on, two-factor authentication?