Career Fair

An A to Z Guide to having the most fruitful Career Fair experience Introduction Let’s talk about the career fair. In the world of COVID, career fairs are a completely different beast, but in this blog, we will talk about how conventional career fairs look like and how you can tackle them online. A job […]


Even though it’s impossible to know everything about Linkedin in a single blog post, we will keep improving and improvising this blog as per student needs. My first and foremost question to you, ARE YOU ON LINKEDIN?  If your answer is yes! Awesome read on! But if it’s NO, STOP right here, make an account […]


Guide Overview While we all know stealing is wrong, recognizing plagiarism is not always as easy. Plagiarism sometimes happens not as a result of conscious cheating, but because of a lack of understanding about what actually constitutes plagiarism. This guide intends to clarify what plagiarism is, identify the different types that exist, and show you […]

Credit & Grade System

One of the frequently asked questions on our YouTube channel and Facebook groups is to explain the credit system in the US. So let’s discuss it in detail. Credit is the recognition for taking a course at a school or university, used as a measure to ascertain if enough hours have been made for graduation. At […]

Classes, Assignments & Exams

Let’s talk about the academic structure of universities in the US. Classes vary for undergrad, masters, Ph.D. differs and are similar sometimes. It varies from professor to professor, course to course, and department to department. Here are some of the vocabulary that will help you fit in during the first two weeks. 1. Colleges = […]

Social Security Number

🗣️This blog is a word-to-word copy of a PDF document from the Social Security Administration. We have made some comments on it to help an international student navigate the process better. All our comments are in italics&bold. If you want to access the original documents, you can download them from here.  Are you temporarily in […]

Credit Cards

We’re going to talk about three cards that you can use. The cards are in the order of your approval chances. We wouldn’t recommend applying to some of these cards if you don’t have a credit history. The biggest obstacle for international students to get a credit card is the Social Security Number (SSN). We’re […]

Benefits of Credit Cards

Chances are, you might have read our credit system blog. Here is a similar blog about credit cards and their more specific benefits. You need a credit card to build a credit history. As simple as that. Eventually, with the credit history, you will be qualified for better interest rates in housing, car financing, etc. […]

Credit Score/Card: Why it’s important?

Most of you reading this blog will either be international students still at the university or have already started to work. But one common thing, either way, is that if you’re going to live in the U.S., we all need credit cards to make sure you get credit. We’ve had negative connotations about having a […]

US vs the World

This is how the US is different from other countries. You will come to realize some significant discrepancies once you visit the United States. It will take you a while to get accustomed to a lot of things here, but there are certain things that you may never get used to. Huge portion size You […]